Want to share your faith,
but don't know how?

The Proclaim Course is designed to help Christians like you grow in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Through seven video sessions, you'll discover how to communicate the gospel more clearly and how to trust God more fully in evangelism. Prepare to be practically equipped and biblically motivated as you join God in the unstoppable spread of the gospel!

Get Started

The Proclaim Course has been bundled in kits, allowing you to run this course on your own or in a group. You can read more about these kits below. You can also click here to visit our store for these and other resources.

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Individual Kit

Although Proclaim is best done in a small group or with others who want to grow in sharing the good news, the course can also be done individually.  It’s important to purchase a Proclaim Individual Kit so that you can both follow along with the video and answer the questions that you will be asked.  But there are also important discussion questions, articles and homework assignments that are not included in the video.

You will also need several “How Good Are You” tracts for session 5, 6 and 7.  Once you have your Proclaim Individual Kit, go to the video section and start watching the videos.

Small Group Kit

Many evangelism courses have been designed to be run as a special weekend seminar or mid week class.  While Proclaim can certainly be offered this way, we have designed the materials to be run through your church's small group structure. Every small group gets their own DVD and every member would get their own Proclaim manual.  

Discussion questions and homework assignments are included at the end of every session.  Consider taking all of your church's small groups through the course simultaneously in one church-wide "Proclaim Campaign."  If your church doesn't offer small groups, the class can also be run within Sunday School classes or Youth Groups.

The benefit we've found of doing Proclaim within these pre-existing structures is three-fold:

  1. It keeps the church calendar less busy.

  2. It brings evangelism into the normal relationships, fellowship, and accountability already formed in the church. This reinforces the value that evangelism is a spiritual discipline and normal for every person in the church.

  3. It allows everyone to participate in the class. Usually seminars or elective classes are attended by those interested in the seminar's topic. If you offer Proclaim as an elective, the people most likely to take it are the ones who are already passionate about evangelism and already doing evangelism. The people least likely to take the course are the ones you want to influence the most.