Proclaim Small Group Kit


Proclaim Small Group Kit


Helping everyday Christians grow in sharing their faith, Proclaim is a small group course that has been effective for many.  Grow in your faith, motivation, understanding, and skills in reaching out.  Through seven sessions, you'll discover how to communicate the gospel more clearly and how to trust God more fully in evangelism.

Session titles: 

  1. The Unstoppable Gospel
  2. Gifted for Evangelism
  3. Becoming a Friend of Sinners
  4. Breaking the Sound Barrier
  5. Proclaim the Bad News
  6. Proclaim the Good News
  7. Putting the Go in Gospel

Each kit contains a Proclaim DVD set (2 discs), 8 Proclaim manuals, 1 Spiritual Questionnaire pad (50 sheets each), and 40 How Good Are You booklets. 

The Proclaim course was developed by Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, to help you grow in sharing your faith. 

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